The Schenker Modular 500 is a quiet reverse osmosis unit producing 500 litres per hour of safe clean drinking water from any water supply up to and including seawater. The unit comes complete with water maker, activated carbon filter with electrovalve, 5 micron filter, net filter, remote control panel, installation kit, production water hose and feed pump. This is a perfect quiet unit for marine or land based requirements. Unit comes in a 380VAC version with power consumption only 3500W and Digital controls.


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Schenker Modular 500

  • Technology: Reverse osmosis, prefilter, 5 micron and activated carbon filter

    Effect: Removes bacteria, virus, cysts, sendiment and salinity up to 40,000ppm 

    Output: 300 l/h

    Weight: 145 Kg

    Dimensions: 115 x 52 x 42cm

    Power: 2000W (240 or 380 VAC)

    Controls - Analogic or Digital

    Guarantee: 2 years

    Suitable for: Marine and landbased