The Survivor 300 is a light weight and compact ultrafiltration water unit in a portable shock resistant case ready to plug and play. Powered from its own solar or external battery or mains power supply. Producing 180 litres per hour of safe clean drinking water from a contaminated fresh water supply. 


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Survivor 300

SKU: TW10019
  • Technology: Ultrafiltration 0.02 micron, 175 micron prefilter and 20micron activated carbon filter

    Effect: Removes bacteria, virus, cysts and sendiment 

    Output: 180 l/h

    Capacity: No need to replace filter depending on water quality

    Weight: 51 Kg

    Dimensions: 85 x 55 x 35cm

    Power: 60W (Supplied with 145W solar and 33Ah battery - or external 100-240VAC power source)

    Guarantee: 2 years

    Suitable for: Off-grid expeditions, camps, disaster relief