The Trunz Seawater Box is an automatic reverse osmosis unit from Trunz Water Systems. Producing 250 litres per hour of safe clean drinking water from a contaminated water supply with a salinity up to and including seawater (40,000ppm). The unit comes with its own well/bore pump on 20m feed tube. Perfect for off-grid communities, schools, medical centres. Total power consumption of this exceptionally energy efficient unit, including bore well/bore pump, is only 900W. Normally powered with a Trunz Solar Power Centre.


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Trunz Seawater Box

SKU: TW10012
  • Technology: Reverse osmosis, 100 micron prefilter, 50 micron prefilter, 5 micron and 20micron activated carbon filter

    Effect: Removes bacteria, virus, cysts, sendiment and salinity up to 40,000ppm 

    Output: 250 l/h

    Weight: 534 Kg

    Dimensions: 160 x 100 x 115cm

    Power: 900W (Mains 100-264VAC 50/60Hz or solar 24VDC)

    Controls: Automatic, including membrane flushing and back flush

    Guarantee: 2 years

    Suitable for: Off-grid homes, schools, medical centres, communities