The Schenker Pick&Drink water purification kit consists of a pair of pre-assembled filters that can be installed under the sink cabinet and a drinking water faucet. Thanks to the quick-fit design, the system can easily be connected to the pressurised fresh water system of the boat. The cartridges, once exhausted, can be easily replaced with new ones thanks to a practical bayonet connection with a safety catch.


  • The first Pick&Drink filter is a carbon filter that removes impurities up to 5 microns, chlorine and any unpleasant water smell and/or taste.
  • The second Pick&Drink filter removes bacteria and suspended solids down to 0.15 microns through a process known as microfiltration. It reduces the bacterial load by 99.99%

Schenker Pick&Drink

  • The kit consists of:

    • 5 microns “carbon block” filter
    • 0.15 microns ultrafiltration filter
    • Complete fittings kit

    It is recommended to let the water flow through the filter at maximum pressure and with maximum flow rate for 5 minutes, so as to allow the purge of the air present in the cartridge.

    Extra Info:

    • Pick&Drink needs regular maintenance in order to ensure its correct operation.
    • Replace the filters yearly or every 6 months if the range of 10,000 litres is exceeded.
    • Do not use microbiologically dangerous water.
    • After periods of inactivity (3-4 weeks) carry out an accurate sanitization and replace the filters.
  • Schenker's three-year warranty is backed up by its international network of sales and service representatives.