Schenker Watermakers is a leading manufacturer of high-quality marine watermakers.


The new patented device  - the Energy Recovery System results in very low energy consumption, low noise & vibration and high reliability at an affordable price.


The available range is now from 30 to 500 litres per hour units to satisfy the small boat and yacht owner through to commercial and superyachts.

The mission of the company is to provide an efficient and echo-sustainable solution for watermaking.

Today as well as tomorrow.


​The new Schenker Zen Watermaker's ultra-compact, flat design is ideal to fit into tight spaces.


With exceptionally low power consumption (due to Schenker’s patented Energy Recovery System), quiet operation and automatic controls this is the ideal choice for yachts and motor cruisers.


Available in 4 sizes to suit your needs:

  • 30 L/h

  • 50 L/h

  • 100 L/h

  • 150 L/h

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