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LORENTZ Solar Water Pumps deliver water to people, livestock and crops using the power of the sun. 

Simply Sun. Water. Life. As a company dedicated to solar water pumping, all of our products are designed to be highly reliable and very efficient.


Pumping water uses a significant amount of power. The sun provides us with an almost infinite energy source that, with the right planning and equipment, means we can pump water anywhere without the needs for power infrastructure


Solar Pump Range

  • Home owners

  • Farmers/agriculture

  • NGOs

  • Communities

  • Utilities

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Lorentz PS2-100 is a high quality, high efficiency, cost effective solar pumping system designed for self installation.



PS2-150 Cover

Lorentz PS2 is the latest generation of high efficiency solar water pumping systems. It is an integrated solar water pumping system for small to medium sized applications. Whether your need is to reduce operational costs, improve water security, or be more sustainable, PS2 provides the right solution.

PS2 covers a wide power range from 100W to 4kW with a wide range of pumps for submersiblesurface or swimming pool applications.

PS2-150 to 4000