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The Schenker Zen 150 watermaker is a compact, lightweight and quiet reverse osmosis marine watermaker producing 150 litres per hour of safe clean drinking water.  Simple remote control operation with no need to open or close valves. The Zen 150 comes two control panel options, Basic Control Panel or Touch Screen Panel:


Basic Control Panel

  • Remote start/stop
  • Watermaker flushing
  • Periodic flushing
  • Timer
  • Dimensions: 100x66mm


Touch Screen Control Panel

  • Remote Start/Stop
  • Timer
  • Automatic flushing
  • Intensive flushing
  • Periodic flushing
  • Hours counter
  • Automatic start up
  • Assisted maintenance
  • Salinity monitoring (optional)
  • Flow meter (optional)
  • Pressure meter (optional)
  • Dimensions: 135x116mm


This is a perfect desalination unit for yachts and motor cruisers. Unit comes in a 24VDC or 230VAC versions with a power consumption of only 600W.


Marine Watermaker FAQ


Download more info on Schenker Watermakers here.

Schenker Zen 150 Watermaker

    • Technology: Reverse osmosis, prefilter, 5 micron and activated carbon filter

    • Effect: Removes bacteria, virus, cysts, sediment and salinity up to 40,000ppm 

    • Output: 150 l/h

    • Weight: 61 Kg

    • Dimensions: 74 x 52 x 20cm

    • Power: 600W (24VDC or 230AC)

    • Membranes: x2 4" x 21"

    • Suitable for: Marine and Land based

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