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Ease-of-mind with advanced desalination solutions -

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Here we look into some of the details of our new Solar water Solution System (story courtesy of SWS)

Welcome to the new era of solar-powered water purification using IoT applications – with features helping the control of the systems in remote locations. The easy-to-use remote monitoring tools deliver real-time data enabling you to visually track and control the performance of the water purification systems

An Intelligent Remote Monitoring System (IRM) captures analytics of the desalination process through the secured LIVE connection to the SolarRO unit and allows the system to be monitored overseas. Built-in technology allows access to deep operational data, fault tracking and tools to make changes in operation remotely and in real-time. By adding an IRM system in the unit we can predict, maintain and take action – for you it means transparency and longevity.

The systems are built with the best available components for solar-specific operations from the leading manufacturers including ABB and Danfoss. Electrical infrastructure is designed to fully operate with high DC voltage solar power and utility grid AC voltage. Normally highly sensitive power supplies and relays are selected with care to match our standards to ensure the autonomous running in the harshest of conditions. Each component has undergone a comprehensive test cycle to withstand serious stress before final approval. SolarRO systems are carefully designed to be safe and simple to use and maintain, without compromises or shortcuts.

In addition, the fully automated SolarRO system has integrated safety features. One of them is dry run protection: if feed water supply stops unexpectedly, the system will shut down and protect itself from the dry run that could harm the machinery. The basic operation of the machine doesn’t rely on complicated electronics but is mechanical and easy-to-operate. The design and parts used are carefully selected and proven to be the best quality on the market today.

Clean water easily and sustainably in remote locations

SolarRO product line is designed for purifying sea or high salinity borehole water into drinking water and function autonomously in off-grid locations. A patented innovation enables the stand-alone water system to work without a utility grid – offering you an easy way to make water without energy costs. The modular and scalable solar-powered reverse osmosis system operates directly with PV panels, but you can switch it to grid, generator and use as a hybrid system. The company’s technology does not require batteries which would significantly increase the costs. The solution can be set in coastal or inland location and potable water can be provided even for large communities, with a capacity of up to 10.000 liters per hour. Production water quality is suitable for drinking, showering, laundry and for agricultural purposes. The quality of permeate water matches the demands of World Health Organizations’ clean water standards on the highest level.

for more information on how our Solar Water Maker Solutions in Australia and the South Pacific please contact John at SWS Pacific

Photo & story credits Solar Water Solutions


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