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Trunz Brackish Box

The Trunz Brackish Box is a compact reverse osmosis unit producing 650 litres per hour of safe clean drinking water from any brackish supply up to 18,000ppm. The unit can use either an existing pressure pump feed supply or its integral 20m bore pump. Automatic pre-filtration back-flushing and reverse osmosis membrane flushing. This is a low powered unit and can easily be powered by solar or conventional power sources.


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Product Information

Free Delivery Australia Wide

  • Technology: 100, 50 and 5 micron pre-filter, reverse osmosis membrane.

  • Effect: Removes dissolved solids (salts, inorganic contamination), virus and bacteria without the need for chemical treatment.

  • Output: 650 l/h of clean, safe potable water

  • Weight: 641 Kg

  • Dimensions: 160 x 100 x 110cm

  • Power: 900W (with bore pump)

  • Membrane: x4 reverse osmosis membranes

  • Guarantee: 1 year with extended warranty option

  • Suitable for: Off-grid homes/communities

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