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For Boats, Yachts and all Marine Applications


Quiet. Energy Efficient. Affordable
Desalination, Reverse Osmosis, Water Filters

SWS Pacific the experts in watermakers

Watermakers and desalination units provide safe clean drinking water from any water source, from the dirtiest contaminated brackish water through to seawater.

Our vast range and knowledge provide solutions for  all applications


The Schenker desalination watermaker system is perfect for yachts and boat owners enjoying time on the wild blue. Providing sparkling fresh water from their compact fully automatic units 

Solar Water Solutions deliver smart and sustainable solar desalination solutions for remote locations – revolutionary for both your budget and the environment.

The most energy-efficient reverse osmosis systems on the market.

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Patented ANVS® system included in solar-powered reverse osmosis units enables you to purify water with the lowest energy consumption on the market.

Water Makers Australia | Water Purification Systems - Schenker

From 30 to 500 litres per hour of safe drinking water from seawater. Mobile or permanent watermakers.

Drinking water


any water

Quality marine and land-based watermakers produce safe drinking water from

any water.


Whether for individuals, groups or communities we've got the best solution for you.

New Zen 30,50,100 & 150 l/h Watermakers

Quiet | Compact | Light | Efficient | Affordable
schenker water maker australia



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